Friday, March 22, 2013

Post ONE

You are expected to be an individual...

In college, you are expected to be an individual with unique ideas, rather than ideas being forced upon you, you are expected to differentiate between what is and is not important. In college, it is no longer the schools responsibly to ensure that you succeed, you make take it upon yourself to do your best.

Being an individual not only includes having your own ideas, but it's up to you to keep a good head on your shoulders. The barriers between you and the outside world no longer exist, and the sheltered life you may be accustomed to is changed drastically. You must take responsibility for your own actions, because you are at fault.

You are expected to be responsible for your education...

The amount of free time you have is increased, thus it is solely your responsible for staying on track. And your teachers aren't going to feel bad that you forgot something or need to turn in something late, because your success isn't up to them. In high school the majority of the work is completed in class, while in college the majority of the workload is done outside of class individually, which alone is a big change.

Freedom is a privilege in high school, but it's thrusted upon you in college and part of your success depends on how you manage your freedom.